Dreams of Charlie

Originally posted Sept. 3, 2010 –

I’ve had five dreams about Charlie since he died, and the last three have shown him happy, young and healthy. In the last dream, he brought two big wild cats with him, and he was playing with them on the floor and wanted me to pet them. They were friendly and loving. I think Charlie is probably having a great time in the etheric realm. I haven’t seen him with Black Jack, but my heart tells me they are together. I still miss them both so much that sometimes I can hardly breathe, but I have to trust that their spirits live on. I know someday I will see them again.

I’m glad we have Sammy to make us laugh and challenge our parenting skills. He’s a naughty monkey sometimes, and recently chewed up a scarf I am knitting for Stevo. Sammy just turned one year old yesterday. Happy birthday to the Vanilla Gorilla!

~ Dooney


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