Dog Ballet

Originally posted April 18, 2012 –

Sammy and Molly like to play together a lot, which is a really lucky thing for me because they tend to entertain themselves when I’m busy. Sammy is in good shape three months after his vehicular adventure, and he and Molly spend a lot more time in the fenced backyard now, doing dog ballet. It doesn’t matter how many thousands of sticks are out there in the back yard, they have to both get their teeth on the same one. It’s especially prized if Mom has touched it. The funniest thing to watch is the two of them growling at each other while running around attached to the same stick.

I’m planning on building a doggie obstacle course as soon as the vet who has been working on Sammy gives me the okay for jumping activities. I usually go out there a couple of times a day and chase them around, although after a few minutes they both get really into chewing their sticks. If I happen to miss a day of chasing Sammy, he lets me know by amping up and running around the house at bedtime with a Kong toy in his mouth, growling and shaking his head like he’s killing it. At those times, it behooves me to do a little indoor chasing so he poops out enough to go to bed. He absolutely loves it when I hide around a corner and jump out at him. He’s like a little kid who likes to be scared by the monster game. I think if someone looked in the window while we were doing the chasing game they would think we had all gone bonkers.

The only problem with chasing Sammy around is that big sister Molly doesn’t really know how to “play”. When I start chasing Sammy, making monster noises, Molly comes after me and has actually nipped my elbows a couple of times. After a few times of chastising her for this, she now runs and grabs a bone or a toy when I start chasing Sammy and then runs around behind me growling. She seems to realize that she needs to keep her mouth occupied so she won’t be tempted to go after me. I think she’s just a very protective dog and those instincts are aroused when we’re playing. I think it’s really funny that she has learned to control herself by cramming a toy in her own mouth!

Dogs are just great companions and I have a lot of fun with these two. They follow me around the house all the time, mostly because I’m the one who feeds them most of the time and they’re always hoping for a tidbit from the kitchen. In fact, they can identify 482 different kitchen sounds and they come running for most of them. They know the sound of me taking the glass milk jar out of the fridge, the sound of me opening up the egg carton, the rustle of the bag of walnuts I use for treats, and any time I open the oven door they are scrambling into the kitchen, their back legs sliding out from under them as they round the corner. I had to put a dog gate across the opening to the pantry because Sammy likes to go in there and scrounge for food. According to these two, they are only minutes away from starvation!


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