The Vanilla Gorilla

We got Sammy about 6 months after Black Jack died. I was driving by the Humane Society in Missoula and I just stopped in on a whim to see who was in residence. I

Baby Sammy

looked on their website in the lobby and saw Sammy, and I asked to see him. He was just 3-1/2 months old (see header pic) and I fell in love with him. I asked them to give me a day to bring back my hubby to meet him. The next day, Steve and Charlie both came back to the shelter with me to meet Sammy. At the time, his name was Smitty, and he had been living in a car with a family who had lost their apartment and didn’t have a place to live.

When Sammy met Charlie, he immediately sat in front of the Big Dog and let Charlie be the boss. It was so funny! Then Steve picked Sammy up and he snuggled into Steve’s neck right away. We talked about it for a few minutes, especially whether we were ready to have a puppy. They told us that two other families were waiting to meet Sammy, so we knew if we didn’t take him someone would. Finally, we decided to take a shot. We couldn’t take him home right away because they won’t let a dog out of the shelter unless they are neutered or spayed. We really didn’t want him neutered so young, but we didn’t have a choice. We figured at least if we took him, we’d be able to give him the nutrition he needs to be healthy.

He and Charlie got along well from the start. Charlie taught Sammy how to patrol the back yard, how to chew on sticks, and when to bark at the neighbors. Sammy loved to sit next to Charlie and he would assume whatever pose Charlie was in. They had six months together before Charlie died and I think Sammy really missed him. I’m glad they had some time together and Charlie did a good job of training Sammy to be our protector and companion. Thanks Big Dog!


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