Put the Bubbie to bed

Did you ever see the movie “Crossing Delancy”? If not, it’s great so look it up. It’s ’80’s era (oh horror) so you’ll get a kick out of the clothes and the lack of cell phones. :-)  Anyway, in the movie Amy Irving’s character has a Jewish grandma – a Bubbie (pronounced with the “uh” sound, Dad). At the end of the movie, the grandma says, “Come children, let’s put the Bubbie to bed”. Steve and I always thought that line was funny, so we say it about a particular personality trait that we’ve noticed in two of our dogs now.

Molly, our current yellow lab, exhibits a very sweet behavior. When I go to bed, she comes upstairs after I do and comes over to my side of the bed to see if I am there. I give her a pat on the head and she turns around and goes to her bed. Sometimes she’ll go into the bathroom first to see if Dad is going to give her some bedtime supplements. Sometimes if I’m upstairs but not in bed yet she’ll go over there anyway to see if anyone is there. Maybe she gets confused…  :-)  If I don’t respond, she noses any body part she can reach, then gives a huff and goes to bed. In any case, it happens every night and our dog Black Jack who died in 2009 used to do the exact same thing every night.

I’m not old enough to be a Bubbie (well, maybe a young Bubbie) and I’ll never be a grandma since I wasn’t able to have kids, but we still have a giggle over Molly “putting the Bubbie to bed”.

~ Dooney


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