Up Periscope!

This is one of Sammy’s favorite things to do….stick his head through the cat door (pictured) or the dog door in the back of the house, so he can keep tabs on what’s going on. The cat door in the house leads into the utility room and Sammy can also get a view of who is coming in and out of Steve’s office door. He taught Molly how to do this, and sometimes if I’m out there folding laundry or something, she’ll lay on the floor on the other side of the door with her head hanging in the cat door and watch me. I think Molly has separation anxiety issues with her Mommy! :-)

The other thing Sammy likes to do is stick his head out the dog door which leads to the backyard to 1) check the weather, 2) check if the barbeque is in use and 3) check to see if there are any invaders in the backyard. If something looks interesting he’ll jump out the door to investigate. If not, he’ll give a general bark of warning to anyone who may be out there and pull his head back in. When it’s an investigation of the barbeque he’s likely to come back with grease spots on his head from trying to lick the juice coming out the bottom. He’s my little hobo dog….


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