Kitten in a basket

Have you ever noticed how cats will try to fit in any available space? This picture is Little Miss taking advantage of the fact that I hadn’t yet used this basket to store onions for the winter. She loves to cram herself into any little space for a snooze. I have several baskets lined with old t-shirts around the house for the cats to catch a few Z’s. Little Miss even has her own chair….a very expensive “meditation” chair that we bought years ago. The cushions are so lumpy that it’s really not comfortable to sit in, but she likes it just fine.

A bag, a box, any cave-like space will do for a cat. Boots likes to crawl in the bed covers after we’ve thrown them off to start the day and before the bed actually gets made. Many times I’ve been surprised by her yowl as I yank the covers around to make the bed. If I leave it uncovered, she’ll curl up in the indentation of my special pillow, which has a sleeping “canyon” for back sleeping and two “shelves” for side sleeping. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to find Boots sleeping on the other end of my pillow, or I’m on the end and she’s in the canyon. Cat hair is my life!


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