Sammy Speaks

Mama came home last night from wherever she was. Papa said she was visiting her mama but I think she ran away from us. I slept on the couch while she was gone ’cause that’s where we cuddle. Molly said I was gonna get in trouble with Papa but I said didn’t care, so she got up there too. I really like to cuddle with Mama, but don’t tell anyone. She cuddled me last night when she got home and she rubbed my ears that way I like.

That mean black cat was really bossy while Mama was gone. She tried to be the boss of me, but I growled at her and told her she’s a fuzzbutt. She’s no fun like that stripey cat. The stripey cat runs when I chase her! It’s so fun!

Those two guys who are fixing the house were banging on the ceiling a whole bunch while Mama was gone. I wished she was home ’cause when it gets really loud she takes us outside and throws things for us to chase. Sometimes I don’t give Mama the ball so she has to chase me around. It’s more fun that way. When it gets too dark to see outside, Mama chases me around in the house and then I chase her, and then Molly chases her, only it’s really scary when Molly does it ’cause she’s really chasing! Molly has big teeths and big feets and she kinda scares me sometimes. But mostly she’s fun ’cause she lets me chew on her neck and all that. She also lets me cuddle with her.

One time? Oh man, my big brother Charlie barked at me in the middle of the night ’cause I stepped on his bed in the dark and he scared me lots! I don’t like to go upstairs to my bed anymore in the dark ’cause I’m ascaired Molly’s gonna do the same thing. I make Mama get out of bed and help me. I really love my Mama ’cause she cuddles me and feeds me and throws my ball around, and she slept on the floor next to me when I got hit by that big car thing and it really hurt. She held onto my foots and told me it was gonna be okay and she made it stop hurting so much.

I love my Papa lots and he is pretty fun too. He growls at me like Molly and chases me sometimes and I get ascaired but then I remember he’s playing. He’s a good monster! I always do what Papa says because he’s the boss of me.  Mama tries to be the boss of me too. She says Sammy T. means Trouble and sometimes she calls me a nudge, but I don’t know what that means. I don’t always do what she says ’cause I don’t have to, but then she gets really mad and uses her Papa voice and then I have to be good. She’s a lot more fun than that stupid black cat, but sometimes she wipes my face off with a paper towel and I hate that! I run away but she always catches me. Sometimes she even takes me in the shower and rubs me all over with soapy stuff, yuck! I like it better when she goes in the river with me and then I try to swim away and she grabs me. That’s fun!

I gotta go ’cause Mama doesn’t know I’m using her pertuter. Molly showed me how to do it…

~ Sammy T.


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