Am I the only one here worried about security?

“Can I see some identification please? Are you supposed to be here?”

My name is Molly and I’m in charge of security here. Mom and Dad finally realized I was serious about my job after I gave a friend of theirs what-for. What else was I supposed to do? They are too nice! They would let anyone walk in the door. It’s my job to make sure that doesn’t happen.

After I first came to live here they were just hugging me and feeding me all kinds of tasty food and taking me for walks, and we never had a chance to discuss security. So I hassled the UPS dude one day in front of Mom and she just didn’t get it. So I had to take some more extreme measures to get their attention. Their friend just had a bruise, it was no big deal, but they had a cow! Once they calmed down they realized I was just doing my job and now they appreciate my willingness to kick butt. I may look sweet but I’m the Terminator!

I have my job cut out for me with that pesky brat Sammy. He’s a good little dude but he needed some discipline. I let him chew on me sometimes because it calms him down, and sometimes I have to let him snuggle with me like I’m his mommy. I’m too busy to be a mommy! Sammy will bark at anything that moves, and I have to run out there with him to check it out. You never know when The Man will be at your door. I’ve seen it a million times!

Mom and Dad gave me some medicine because I was kind of sick when they got me and they didn’t know it, but finally they saw that I wasn’t feeling good. I didn’t tell them because I was afraid they’d take me back to the shelter and I wouldn’t be able to do my job, but now I feel really good and I can run around and check the perimeter every day and every night. And, I have to make sure Mom is safe in bed before I go to bed because that’s my job too. Dad will protect her, but what if he’s not here? Then it’s my job.

I’m trying to teach the kid a few things, too. Like you don’t always have to bark. Sometimes maybe you should be stealthy and run outside to check things out without anybody knowing you’re coming. That way you can sneak up on them and get a few bites in early. The other day I had to save Dad….we were walking down the road and that nasty black dog who lives at the end of the road came running out. The first time we passed his house Dad made him go away, but when we walked back past the house again the black dog pretended to be friendly. Then when Dad wasn’t looking he made a face at me and then hit the back of Dad’s leg with his snout like he was going to bite Dad. I went after that punk and showed him a thing or two. Nobody does that to my family. I can’t wait to see that punk on the road again….

Mom and Dad always thank me now when I’m doing my job. I’m glad they finally get me. They’re not used to having a Terminator around but they understand. I love them lots. It’s pretty nice when Mom lets me cuddle with her on the couch. Nobody ever cuddled me before. But I’m always on alert! I’m ready for action, make no mistake. You’ve been warned.




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