Dreams of Charlie

Originally posted Sept. 3, 2010 –

I’ve had five dreams about Charlie since he died, and the last three have shown him happy, young and healthy. In the last dream, he brought two big wild cats with him, and he was playing with them on the floor and wanted me to pet them. They were friendly and loving. I think Charlie is probably having a great time in the etheric realm. I haven’t seen him with Black Jack, but my heart tells me they are together. I still miss them both so much that sometimes I can hardly breathe, but I have to trust that their spirits live on. I know someday I will see them again.

I’m glad we have Sammy to make us laugh and challenge our parenting skills. He’s a naughty monkey sometimes, and recently chewed up a scarf I am knitting for Stevo. Sammy just turned one year old yesterday. Happy birthday to the Vanilla Gorilla!

~ Dooney


Goodbye to a dear friend

Originally posted July 26, 2010 –

Our beloved dog Charlie died July 2nd of complications from a ruptured spleen. It was very sudden and quite a shock and we are still deeply grieving for him. Charlie was

Charlie with his Papa

such a sweet and gentle soul, and we miss him every minute of every day. It feels like we’ve had one blow after another for the past year, and it’s very hard to maintain the etheric side of our lives when things like this happen.

Our friends Carol and Don had just visited us two days before Charlie died and  I’m so glad Carol and Don got to see Charlie one more time. He really loved it when they visited, and Don always called him “Chuck”.

Charlie was 12-1/2 years old and had been our companion for almost all that time. In fact, we had him with us when we first came to the Bitterroot Valley and found the house we now live in. We drove up this road to go the trailhead at the end of the road so we could take Charlie for a walk and on the way up we saw the For Sale sign on this house. Two days later we made an offer and 45 days after that we moved in. One of Steve’s patients here who communicates with animals once told us that Charlie told her he had been here before, about 200 years ago. He said he was very happy to be back in this valley.

We will keep going on even though our hearts are broken, and hope that Charlie is happy now that he is free. I’ve had a few visits from him in my dreams and he just wants me to hug him. I hope he and Black Jack are together.

~ Dooney


A year without Black Jack

Originally posted June 3, 2010 –

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a year since Black Jack died. We still miss him every day, even though we have Sammy, the Vanilla Gorilla, to play with and to distract us. We believe Black Jack has been here with us, teaching Sammy how to be a part of the family. Sammy checks on me much the way Black Jack used to, making sure I’m okay and that he knows where I am.

I had probably eight lucid dreams in which Black Jack visited me to let me know he was okay. I haven’t had one for several months now, so I feel like he’s moved on from caretaking me. And, I feel like I’ve moved out of that deep grief. What a special being he was and is. He taught me a lot about unconditional love, and I hope someday to be as good at it as he was.

We love you Wubbie!
~ Dooney


Charlie grows up

Charlie has been a changed dog ever since Black Jack died, and I believe he’s in his own mourning period. In a chat after Jack died, our psychic friend Carol communicated with Jack, who said he was worried about who was going to protect us and that Charlie was “willy-nilly” in his protection duties. I think Charlie must have picked up on that because he sticks close to home now and has started following me around sometimes, as Black Jack used to do. When I’m outside working in the garden or on the labyrinth, he just stands around watching me and watching all around the property. This is very different behavior for him

He still likes to run around and play and he walks up and down the road in front of our property but he doesn’t run away into the woods like he used to every single day for the past 10 years. He also lays next to Jack’s grave every few days. He’s really become more serious, which Don noted today while he was visiting. I feel bad for Charlie because I know without a doubt he is grieving Black Jack’s death, but I think this is a good growth process for him as well as for us. Maybe that’s why Black Jack’s spirit has been hanging around.

When we feel the time is right we’ll get another dog companion for Charlie and for us. I have a feeling there’s a yellow lab puppy in our future.

~ Dooney


Our absent friends – Charlie and Black Jack

Originally posted May 25, 2009 – This is a post from another blog of mine, before I decided to do a separate dog blog. Black Jack became very ill that night and we had him put to sleep on May 27, 2009. Charlie and Black Jack were with us for a long time and we miss them terribly….

Black Jack and Charlie

Black Jack has had some health problems lately for which the vet is unable to offer a solution, so we’re using the zapper and Standard Process whole food supps, and he’s doing great. I also do acupressure on his hips every night. He’s 13 or 14 and still going strong. He came to us via a couple who rescued him one winter when he was wandering and starving. They couldn’t keep him and were looking for a home for him. We had lost our border collie, Cowboy Joe, in a freak accident 6 months earlier and were looking for another dog. We knew a dog would come to us. I told Stevo I wanted our next dog to be named Jack. Two weeks later, we found out about this dog and this couple brought him over for us to look at. He was roaming around the front yard, looking rangy and wild, like a wolf, and I asked the guy if they had named him. “We call him Black Jack,” he said. That was it for me. Love at first sight.  :-)

Charlie is half Doberman and half St. Bernard (really) and he’s simply the most wonderful dog in the world. He’s a healer of sorts…I once saw him comfort a woman who had just been diagnosed with cancer. He went up to her and put his head in her lap and she came alive. Her face went from gray and lifeless to pink and smiling. He just has a way of making everything okay. He was born at a breeders (accidental love tryst between a pure Doberman and a pure St. Bernard). Someone who knew of the litter asked for one of the puppies, so Charlie was flown to California from Ohio at 8 weeks of age. I don’t think he’s ever recovered – he hates loud noises. Anyway, the guy who got him ended up being gone from his apartment for 14 hours a day, fishing off the Northern California coast. So Charlie grew up in a crate.

Finally, the guy gave Charlie to his parents, who lived on an orchard that was owned by friends of ours. They told us about him and we eventually went to see him. Again, love at first sight. We couldn’t believe they were giving this dog away. We took him home that day and he’s been with us ever since. Charlie is 11 years old and is still like a youngster. He’s been on a raw food diet for 9 years. I think it’s working!

We were never able to have kids, so these guys are it.