Welcome to Dooney’s Dog Blog!

I decided to start a blog about my dogs (and cats) because I find them to be so entertaining and all of my animals, past and present, are a big part of who I am. Dogs are especially good at helping you to keep your perspective and keep your heart open as you go through life. They remind you of the basics:

Is it time to eat?
Let’s go play!
Cuddle with me!
I love you, mama…
Is it time to eat again?

Many times I find myself talking to my dogs as if they were children. Since I was never able to have children, it gives me the sense of what it must be like to be a parent of a human child. For instance:

“Get off your brother!”
“Don’t make me come over there…”

And I worry over them, clean up after them and have to constantly be on the watch. Consistency of discipline is just as important, especially with a dog who thinks they are the boss of you (the Alpha).

Cats are a whole other world. They can’t be trained or disciplined very well, at least in my experience. I always wanted one of those cats who was really mellow and draped themselves on my arm, patted my face to wake me up and generally lolled about being soft and fuzzy and pleasant. Instead, I’ve always gotten the bossy, cranky, totally independent and snooty type of cat. It must be my challenge in life!

I hope you find my stories and observations funny and true to your own life. My life just wouldn’t be the same without my pets and they make me happy….most of the time.  :-)

~ Dooney