Just a little fire…

Today was a good day for burning stuff. It’s been raining, and in fact it’s raining as I type this. Montana is a good place to light fires if you are a pyro like Steve and I are. We spent yesterday sorting a big pile of construction scrap: insulation, wood scraps, roof metal, etc. After sorting the stained wood (burn outside) from the unstained wood (burn inside), we ended up with enough scraps to split into kindling which will last for the season, probably. It’s still a construction zone here, but we feel a little better. Steve started burning tree limbs today, from some cottonwoods he cut down to make room for the new front porch. Sammy and Molly tried to help as we moved the big, leaf-colored limbs by chewing on them and making sure they were dead.

Steve and I have had some interesting adventures lighting fires around here, some of which I’ll share as I cover what’s been going on here the last seven years. With 10 acres of land, 7 of which are treed, we have a lot of maintenance to do. (See the “My Life Is Trees” posts) We have numerous old slash piles (piles of tree limbs) yet to burn, so maybe this winter we’ll finally get them all cleaned up.


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