The Big Thaw

It’s January in Montana, so that means one thing:  it’s getting warm. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t freeze all winter. Every January we have a week or so of warm weather, immediately followed by a deep freeze that turns all the remaining snow into sheets of ice. If we’re lucky, the rain we’re having today will at least melt all the snow off the driveway. If not, the resultant ice will turn the driveway into the Olympic luge training course that I’ve written about in previous posts.

Needless to say, we invest in YaxTrax, which allow us to walk on the icy driveway and road without the annoying groin pulls that inevitably result from trying to waddle down an icy road. The doggies must have their daily walk, after all.  :-)  Luckily, we don’t have to be watching the weather every minute of the day since our roof is now watertight. Yay!

It was 45 degrees today, practically a heat wave!