A little breather

We’ve had a break in construction thanks to the snow. The boys are waiting for a dry spell to measure for the roof metal and then install it. We’re not in any hurry for the banging to resume, so we’re enjoying the cozy house and our new skylights. We have had a bit of an issue with our new stamped concrete, though. We sprayed some ice melting liquid on it and it has subsequently started to breakdown the top creamy layer of concrete. Live and learn, I guess. We should have tested it on a small patch first and let it sit for a month or so. At first it didn’t seem to do anything but after about a month we started to notice the top color layer flaking off. Now there are actually spots where you can see the rough concrete underneath. We used a product called Bare Ground, which always worked great on our plain, old gray concrete, but I don’t recommend using it on stamped concrete.

We’ll have a challenge in a few months getting our decorative plant beds and lawns back in order. Everything was pretty much torn up during the construction so around April I’ll probably start trying to put it all back together. They still have to build our portico outside Steve’s office and the porch along the back of the office, but they’re working on some other projects at the moment. Like I said, we’re in no hurry. :-)



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