The best thermos ever!

This is the kind of thing we think about since moving to the country:  you gotta have a great thermos. Steve recently found the Stanley brand thermos at a local store. We went to a weekend seminar and wanted to take some coffee with us. We poured the coffee in hot at 7:45am, after warming the thermos with hot water. We each had a cup at lunchtime (still hot) and then put it away for the afternoon. On the way home, at 5:00, we had some more and it was still hot! I don’t mean warm, but steaming hot. I was amazed that it was hot after nine hours. I’ve never had a thermos do that well. So if you’re looking for something for a fishing, hunting or camping trip, I definitely recommend the Stanley thermos! When I lived in the city, I never got excited about a thermos…  😉