Boots loves her Mommy! (Oh please, Mother)

Her Highness (oh, get over yourself Mother!)

Before Mother takes over this post and gets all hysterical, let me just say that there was really nothing wrong with me. Mother chose to abandon me for two weeks, with just Father and those smelly beasts for company. I decided that I needed to teach them all a lesson, so I just didn’t eat for a while. What is the problem here? Everyone needs a cleansing fast now and then. The fact that I lost a few pounds should not have sent the entire household into a frenzy. When Mother finally decided to come home I simply decided to eat again. No one else is the boss of me, so I do not have to eat if I don’t want to. So there. ~ Boots

Well, I wouldn’t say I got hysterical, but she did look pretty bad when I got home from a family visit. I never would have thought that Boots would mourn me [I was not! – Boots] but she seemed to perk up as soon as I got home and now she’s pretty much back to her normal, feisty self as you can see. Our other cat, Little Miss, was also missing in action and when I finally found her, she was limping badly. We kept her inside for a few days and did some therapies on her and I fed her by hand for a few meals until she perked up. I think she injured herself climbing a tree or something and she just stayed outside, not hunting, not coming in to eat, not drinking, and basically wasting away. She’s doing much better now and today I let her go outside for a little while.

Sheesh! I never would have thought our independent kitties would have so many problems while I was away. [I was not having a problem, and that stupid stripey cat is just a big lazy baby! – Boots] In any case, I get nervous about leaving my animals, even with someone caring for them, as I’ve had three pets die in my lifetime while I was on vacation. It makes me a little gun shy! [See what I mean? Hysterical! – Boots]



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