The Peanut Butter Incident


They look so sweet and innocent, don’t they?

Unlike the previously recorded Chicken Caper, the Peanut Butter Incident occurred when my back was turned for only a few minutes. Sammy has turned into a confirmed Counter Troller, much like our dear, departed Boots. [I’m not that departed, Mother…]

Um…well, in any case, I had mistakenly left the peanut butter on the counter. I grind fresh PB at the store into a 32oz. plastic container, and apparently Sammy has been paying attention. I innocently left the kitchen to take the garbage out, and as I walked back into the yard to go in the back door, I saw the dogs loitering suspiciously near the back steps of the deck.

Okay, if you have kids or dogs you know what I mean. When they get too quiet or hover in once place, you can bet they are up to no good. Sure enough, when I went over to investigate, I found Sammy with his nose in the peanut butter jar and Sunshine dancing around him impatiently, waiting for her turn. The funny thing is that Sunshine is usually so bossy that Sammy lets her have his ball, his stick, his frisbee, etc. But when it comes to peanut butter he’s ferociously territorial!

I managed to snag the container and whisk it away. Sammy spent the next half hour making that funny I’ve-got-peanut-butter-stuck-to-the-roof-of-my-mouth noise that dogs make. You know what I’m talking about. I had to put the leftover PB in a clean container and label it “Dog PB” so my husband wouldn’t dig in for a sandwich and pull out a glop of dog saliva-smeared PB. Yuck! As you are probably aware, peanut butter makes a great dog treat, especially if you have to get some pills down their throat, so I was still able to use it. [I like it too, Mother….just sayin’. -Boots]

Yes, well…a few weeks later my husband accidentally left a bar of chocolate out on the counter and it disappeared within minutes. I found the wrapper on the back deck, minus the inner foil, and spent the rest of the night worrying that Sammy was going to die from 1) chocolate exposure or 2) intestinal distress from eating foil. Luckily, neither occurred and I found the foil outside the next day. I guess Sammy has learned to unwrap stolen food items, which he didn’t do when he was a puppy. He now knows how to liberate and unwrap leftovers from restaurants in no time.

This clears up the mystery from last year when we lost some dinner leftovers in my husband’s truck after being gone only a few minutes. We caught Sammy in the front seat but we weren’t sure if he started the raid or was just investigating the remains after Sunshine ate the food. I think we can say with confidence that Sammy is a no-holds-barred marauder of food!